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Living Longer vs. Living Better: How Can You Assist a Loved One with a Terminal Illness?

Living Longer vs. Living Better How can you assist a loved one with terminal illness

“It’s just a matter of time now…” the doctor began. He was referring to your aging mom, lying peacefully after a medication was injected to her so she could get back to sleep. He was just spelling out the severity of your mom’s condition after her cancer metastasized. Her days are numbered. She can’t take chemotherapy treatments anymore. Her body refuses it. So on that unforgettable day that her doctor sat down with you, you know things are going to change drastically fast.

Has this happened to you recently? To be told that a family member has a terminal illness is truly an emotional roller coaster. As a Hospice Care Provider in California, we acknowledge that this valley is a deep and dark place to be in. And as a family caregiver, you can’t give in to total despair realizing that your loved one still needs your attention. In crucial moments like this, you would resolve that, when it comes to the immediate needs of your family member in their terminal condition, living better comes before living longer.

So let us share with you these valuable insights on how to assist the care needs of a loved one when they’re at the edge of life.

  • Find support
    Aside from staying connected with your loved one’s healthcare team, rally the support of your whole family and close friends. Being emotionally strong during a critical time can help you stay positive and proactive in dealing with the care needs.
  • Learn the condition
    Study and research about your loved one’s illness, especially on how to help them live a meaningful last phase. Your knowledge can make you objective of the condition, increasing your competence in aiding your beloved.
  • Exercise patience
    Sometimes, you can be at a loss of how to comfort your loved one in their pain. That’s a normal and valid emotion. Just be patient with yourself in learning how to cope. As necessary, tap the assistance of a Home Health Aide in Rancho Cucamonga, CA to make some care tasks are lighter for you.
  • Assure love
    When you’re in pain, the assurance of love from your significant relationships can be comforting even if it’s just to a certain point. Be expressive of your love to your family member both in words and in action. If you entrust them to a Hospice Care team, you will have more opportunities to show your love.
  • Stay strong
    Most importantly, remember to find strength in the situation. Choose to see your loved one’s condition as a passage to permanent healing. When it will soon be over, they will not be in pain anymore. And you will forever cherish the memory of a meaningful transition.

Don’t hesitate to tap the help of professional care assistants at St. Francis Hospice Care. Our staff is dedicated to serving with the utmost compassion and quality. Let us help you provide a better living condition for your loved one as they prepare for their last race in life. Don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries.

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